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I don’t need much imagination to make the transition….

I think we are on the edge of my wife making the plunge….

Wish me (us)) luck!

Still searching for our well-hung parter in crime….if you are around northern Virginia and have the tool for the job, let me know:

She shaved her pussy and told me to stroke my cock while she fucked herself…


If anyone knows how to crop videos for free I will post her orgasm…

If you love a Women…


…then you would want Her to be happy.  This is the basic logic behind cuckolding.  A cuckold want his Wife, or Girlfriend, to be happy, to be satisfied, and fulfilled, and he is willing to accept that it may require others to reach that goal.  It will require as many as She desires, and as often as She desires.  A cuck will do anything to that end.  we are theirs for their use and pleasure, and we love it, but more importantly we love them, our Woman.

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