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SOMEONE ASKED ME (and I apologize for not remembering who it was):

QUESTION: She’s really sexy and has kept an amazing body! Is your guys’ “sex” just dildos, vibe and you licking her pussy or do you still regularly fuck her? If so, do you get the pussy first or after the dildo? Thanks

ANSWER: While there is no verbal agreement, our sex life has grown into an unspoken understanding that I am a cuckold to her dildo…she prefers to be fucked by a bigger, thicker cock than what I have naturally. Because my primary motivation and focus during sex is serving her, making sure she is satisfied, it is only rarely that I ask if I can fuck her. When I am allowed, it is understood that I will fuck her first, during which she will lick and pinch my nipples while telling me how much she wants and needs that big, fat cock. After I come inside her, I am expected to remain ready to assist her as she finishes herself with her dildo.

She may have me hold her legs open, pinch and/or caress her tits, or rub my hands over her thighs…I always kiss her deeply while she fucks herself, telling her how much I love watching her get fucked by that big cock. What she loves by far the most is for me to either finger her ass (which I also love to do), lick her asshole, or fuck her asshole with a plug…when I do that, she loves to tell me how naughty she feels, how much she loves being fucked in both holes…

With my finger in her ass, her big dildo stretching and filling her pussy, and holding a vibrator on her clit, my wife, spreads her legs wide in the air, arches her back, tenses her body, shakes, trembles, and literally screams with orgasm…



spankopera asked:

PRIVATELY: I'm curious - are you a cuckold, or just incredibly aroused by idea of playing MFM? I'd be happy to discuss some of my experiences with MFM... and I'm curious - does your wife know you have this tumblr to expore your desires - and does she prefer cocks with thick, mushroom-swollen heads?

I am truly a cuckold, but unfortunately we have not made the plunge into reality…yes, my wife is fully aware of my fantasy.  In fact, when she fucks herself with her 9” x 2.25” dildo, she will indulge me by talking about it as if it is a real guy…

She loves mushroom-swollen heads…it is part of her descriptions of cuckolding me….putting it in her mouth before rubbing it on her clit and feeling it slide in….

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